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Anna Afonina
Anna Afonina

Anna Afonina

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Young artist of a new generation.

Anna Afonina is a young artist of new generation. She works with paintings, using mixed technique: in her works oil and aerosol paints and markers combine in harmony. At the moment the painting is the main focus of Anna’s work. Nevertheless, she is ready for experiments and she is thinking about the using of inscriptions and sound in her art. There is a lot ofautobiographical as Anna recognizes. Her art primarily based on private memories, feelings and experiences which are more negative. When others revel in suffering and start to disassociate, Anna fells special an artistic renaissance. For her happiness isn’t a source of inspiration but a pause, a deceleration. Despite that Afonina has just started her way in the contemporary art world, she has already made a statement on Russian and foreign art scenes. Anna has participated in many exhibitions including international projects such as “Christ’s Body” (Tapsony, Hungary) and personal exhibitions in Saint-Petersburg and Moscow.


Afonina was born in 1989 in Tolyatti, graduated from Tolyatti School of Arts. Anna has come to the art world from the field of graphic design, she started to seriously interest in painting only at the age of 20. She successfully graduated from Royal Academy of Fine Arts in St. Petersburg with easel graphic specialty in 2017. Afonina has flawlessly learned this “craft” and the figurativeness of Anna’s works is one of the most obvious influence of the traditional academic education. Anna has decided to continued her art education and has come to Rodchenko Art School for a creation’s freedom and breaking patterns.

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Solo exhibitions
  • 2022 If barking sounds. Gallery pop/off/art. Moscow
  • 2021 The Emptiness of the Orchestra (together with Ivan Tugolukov). Kerka gallery. Saint Petersburg
  • 2021 It will go away and remain. Gallery "Peresvetov Lane". Saint Petersburg
  • 2020 I have already been here. MYTH gallery. Saint-Petersburg
  • 2019 What if I find? Workroom Daypyat. Voronezh
  • 2019 Mayday mayday mayday. Smirnov and Sorokin Foundation. Moscow
  • 2019 Make a normal face. Studio «Nepo». Saint-Petersburg
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  • 2022 Vague images. MYTH gallery. Saint Petersburg
  • 2021 Exhibition of nominees for the Anatoly Zverev Prize. CCA "Winzavod". Moscow
  • 2021 Explicit Movements. Cultural Center Gromov. Saint-Petersburg
  • 2021 Hidden Places. Foundation MaxArt. Moscow
  • 2021 Magic Fisher. Storage 17. Saint-Petersburg
  • 2021 «I don’t know if the Earth is spinning or not…». Online Exhibition
  • 2020 Stranger stories. MYTH gallery. Saint-Petersburg
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